#ReCASTED Halloweeen/Día de Muertos Mashup

It’s Dia De Los Muertos & I’m celebrating by mashing up 2 of my favourite animated pictures. There are so many similarities between these two beautiful films & once I made the connection, it took on a life of its own. Got all of the pencil line work done in October 2020. Scanned, cleaned up & dressed in Photoshop.

Took a lot of liberties with the Coco clothing designs. Figured The Halloween Town Gang would have their own take on everything. Had fun researching & working out the details. Pixar did such an amazing job with fashion & set design. It’s an amazing underrated film.

This is the Halloween Town Gang’s take on the cast from Coco. Halloween Town meets Santa Cecilia. I love the idea of one cast dressing up as another cast for Halloween.

Made a cool SALLY LEG LAMP accompanying piece. A Christmas Story is also one of my favourite holiday films. The Jacky Mouse logo was something I made back in 2006 Nice T-Shirt Sith Girl Glass acrylic window painting.

Lee Unkrich Adrian Citomo Pixar Disney made an amazing film in 2017 @pixarcoco

Today is the perfect day to watch it. Henry Selick Tim Burton – Thank you!

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