10th Anniversary Last-Minute Shopping

Don’t know if it ever snows on the Grid but wanted to have some retro fun with Quorra & her last-minute Christmas shopping for the 10th anniversary of Tron Legacy. Loved building the futuristic/brutalism shapes & light blurs. Took my time designing the stunning & super talented Olivia Wilde Quorra’s Christmas ensemble. Flynn’s Portal beacon makes a decent North Star.

Merry Gridmas. Libations for everybody! #EndOfLine

I may have missed a window for getting into the fashion industry but really enjoying the themes, colours & concepts in the process of designing Quoarra’s outfit. Something I will be exploring more in the future. Watching Jeanne Beker’s Fashion TV growing up may have had its lasting effects on me.

Flynn’s ENCOM 786 Vintage Light Cycle design is killer. So glad they used it in this film. Illustrator & Photoshop to build this one up from the sketches. Originally designed by the late great Syd Mead, I used a lot of Daniel Simon’s updated version for reference. Daniel’s work on this film is legendary. Make sure you check out his site He’s amazing.

Tron Legacy directed by Joseph Kosinski

Released December 17th, 2010

Check it out on Disney+