BTV Photos December 4th 2016 Germany

My photos can’t capture the size or scope of this grand venue. It’s beautiful & overwhelming. Built in the early 1900s, Festhalle survived 2 world wars, used as a propaganda rally hall & as a holding area for exporting Jews. Rebuilt in 1946. Became a music venue in the ’60s & ’70s. It’s amazing how Frankfurt turned this once dark negative space into a positive venue to celebrate music & art. We got to walk around the space after soundcheck. I may or may have not heard a ghost in the old makeshift hospital wing.



One of my favourite BT shows to date. #ProudAF Pretty sure there were 11500 in attendance.

Sound by Matt Blakely (@705mb) Lights by Dirty Mike (@HerkLX)  Head Trauma by Mike Frey (@123gomikefrey) What a trooper.

Check out BTV Episode: 30 for all the highlights.