The thing I miss most about being in a band is making posters. This one was a fun experiment. I eneded up making a flip side hand out. One side had the pencil line and the other had a black ink block in. I must have been at Sheridan because I designed them on animation paper and they are pretty close when overlayed.

If memory serves me this was one of the 1st times Billy Talent performed under their new name and made their own cheeky flier. There was a stigma of Toronto bands not being signed at the time.

Ted’s Wrecking Yard was my favourite venue to play. I ran up and down those stairs during performances a couple of times over the years. The Three O’Clock Oaktree was a precursor and rawest version of the Broke Ass Rockstars. It was all about the show and making people feel uncomfortable. Anyone who was at this show won’t forget it. It was one of the last shows we played there. Best sound. Best vibes in Toronto. It’s an LCBO now.

Included my NuMusic Nite poster from earlier that year. Based on the Pezz comic