Acrylic on Window Frames Feb 14th 2010

The Classic Couples Collection acrylic on window frame paintings by Bowman 2010. Windows rescued by the Geiger’s from the Maryvale Convent in Glen Nevis Ontario est 1913 by Lordship Bishop McDonnell. Now a hotel called the Abbey Inn. Original handmade glass. An opportunity presented itself to make use of these frames and showcase some new artwork at The Rushton. A great little classy restaurant down the street on St Clair here in Toronto.

  1. Comfort in Red acrylic on glass with a draped background.
  2. Nice T-Shirt Adriana acrylic on glass.
  3. No Time For Fighting acrylic on glass with beer can and mixed fabric textured background.
  4. The 3D Kiss acrylic on a glass mixed textured background.
  5. A Night In Paris acrylic on glass with a draped background.
  6. The LoveSamba acrylic on glass with drape background.
  7. Dancing Couple Ready To Die unfinished

All 34 x 34 inch 106-year-old window frames

I had a very short time frame to have these ready for Valentines Day. Just over 2 weeks to complete 7 glass paintings from start to finish. Turned an unfinished basement into an assembly line type of machine working 15 hour days straight. When one was drying I’d continue the next round of paint layers and fabrics.

Starting by carefully removing the 106-year-old handmade glass from their respected frames. Strip/sand/strengthen joints/paint.

Once the glass is clean and free of paint and window sealant a quick line pass tracing off of print guides. Then from there working backwards, laying down the brightest colours 1st. Several passes later the next layer is added. And so on and so on.