Acrylic & Pen on Glass painting 2019

Started this Wednesday night at 6 pm & dropped it off at 3 pm on Thursday. Starting with a fantastic photo reference & a decent digital drawing. Traced dog/fighter pilot and cigar reference in Photoshop. Staples doesn’t do last minute acetate prints anymore so had to use my computer monitor as a glorified light table.

From there I get to Utilize my 1970s large scale animation light table (courtesy of Max the Mutt) to trace off my line on to the glass. In reverse – so that the line is on the other side of glass and free from scratches.

A couple of pen passes. Using a very simple centre line I was able to map out where the skull and body outline would fit onto the background layer. From there it was all fine-tuning and filling in spaces. Glass is glued into the frame. Caulked and painted black. Background in. Backboard screwed. Wired & hung.

Awake for 28 hours total. Managed to swing by #Hashtag Gallery – watched the end of the Raptors game at The Rivoli & made it to the #Bookie memorial at the Horseshoe Tavern. Completely exhausted but 100% satisfied with what I made. (UPDATE: SOLD)

Still trying to find photo reference photographer credit. If you recognize it please reach out.