BTV E03 Part 1

July 18th 2015. The Billy Talent gang head down to London ON, to Harris Park for a very steaming Rock The Park festival benefiting Bethany’s Hope Foundation. It was over 35 when we pulled into London and temperature rose to 40 on the day of the show. Got to hang out with their old tour mates Rise Against. Tough show to power through with the heat and locusts but the boys triumphed over the elements and made some new fans in the process.

Unfortunately I stupidly broke my elbow 9 days prior to this road trip. Was super painful but got through it. Fortunately our buddy Miska Csepreghi was able to drive down and help with filming the show. All the close up work is his. He saved the show on my end!

Filmed and Edited by Bowman 2015. Part 2 coming soon!