This design is over 10 years in the making. It’s something I started with my Spacejugs show back in 2006. I’ve always wanted to show another side of the Star Wars universe and give them more relatable human characteristics. To show an insight to particular relationships – I always felt that was missing when showing a characters backstory. The films, outside of the main cast, were very static. Here, Jango is a loving father proud of his little Boba for being able to hold his own out on the big waves.

Always pictured them back in the 60’s in retro shorts. Went heavy on the Endless Summer poster vibes on this one.

It all started with a pencil sketch. Ended up using some stock photos for reference for the poses. I love the idea of a clear resin surfboard with booster rockets. Totally want to see them in person one day.

The background was tweaked after getting the graphics ready for #OUFANARTSHOW19. Redid all the clouds and colours.