Here is my (updated) illustration that combines Doug Ford & a Masters of The Universe (#Mattel cartoon from the 80s) character Hordak. It depicts Ford as Hordak, aka FORDAK, in plastic toy form. Encased in an extravagant frame wrapped with Vultures, Snakes and Money being represented by wrapping vines and corner Maple leaves. He’s smiling devilishly with 2 thumbs up behind his blatant & vile podium. He was She-Ra’s sworn enemy back then and he is truly NOT “For The People” today.

His late brother & former disgraced Toronto mayor Rob is depicted in crackhead bat form to mimic Hordak’s original red chest piece. Doug has done his best to dismantle our Health Care System & is hell-bent on bankrupting this Province & under the guise of fiscal responsibility.

Defy the People. Don’t get distracted. Take a stand against the almighty FORDAK.
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