Graphics & Layout 1994/1995

1994’s Blue Cassette Layout & 1995’s Pink Cassette Layout

Back in 1994 Soluble Fish was different for the times. Blending catchy as all hell music with humorous lyrics and pretty decent 3 part harmonies. Reggae, alternative and punk rock. Most songs were about high school days, pet dogs named Jim, doing drugs, relationships, and eggs and soccer.

The band featured Ian D’Sa on guitar and vocals, Christian Kennerney on bass and vocals, Trevor Bowman on lead vocals and Joey Proulx (Tung Hunny/Jerkbank) on drums. Notable mention: Jason Rooney on drums and Collin Akoon on guitar, were in the original line up. They recorded a 6 song demo entitled Nugget Sauces on a 4 track recorder in Ian’s basement. Ian was also playing in Pezz and Christian started up Snapper/Shifty which eventually ended this historical and influential music force. These two bands (Pezz and Soluble Fish) single-handedly started up (no but seriously, cuz there wasn’t one at the time) the Mississauga/Streetsville music scene by putting on a series of independent showcases featuring themselves and an array of other local acts. With the help of their close friends and bandmates, 20 some odd years later, the “scene” is striving today.

To celebrate their 10 year anniversary the boys got back together (sort of) and re-released the 1995 Nugget Sauces ep. It’s been remastered and all the graphics have been cleaned. You can listen to and download Nugget Sauces here

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