All Day With It 15 year anniversary

One-A by IllScarlett 2008 Highlights edit by Bowman 2022

ILLSCARLETT  at the Phoenix Concert Theatre Toronto 07092022

Sold out show for the Mississauga legends, @illscarlett! I honestly haven’t seen them since before they got banned from playing #Streetsville. We were a couple of years ahead of these guys when we started up the #MississaugaMusicScene in the mid-90s & they quickly took over & blew the roof off of the establishment. Another #AllGoodDudesBand. It was great to catch up with Alex & Swav. Hope it’s not another 15 years until I get to see these gentlemen play again.

Thanks again for letting me run around on stage with you. Super fun night.

Scarlett on Spotify

Opening up for IllScarlett was my favourite local punk rock girl gang  The Anti-Queens!

Whole lot of hair swinging energy & spit. Good stuff all around. I’m helping them out with something secret this year! Stay tuned!

The Anti-Queens on Spotify