BTV Making of Louder Than The DJ music video

Had the honour and privilege to help film Billy Talent’s video Louder Than The DJ last July at the Bovine Sex Club in Toronto. We had one day to shoot. Aaron and Dustin directed. The band played the song about 5 times and also played some requests to the crowd. My pal Miska Csepreghi was asked to come down and shot us filming this shoot. Without him this episode never would have happened. Learned a lot from Dustin about lenses and framing. Jeff Scheven filmed and also did the final edit on this one. Myself and Aaron did our best to keep up with the pros. Massive help and behind the scenes production came from Nick Sorbara at RedLab Toronto.

Matt Blakely on sound with Mike Frey on teck and Mike Herkimer on lights. Love the way this came out. Super fun learning experience.