The word legend gets tossed around a lot these days. Dave Bookman was a true professional music encyclopedia, whos love of bands & music history shown through in every interview he conducted.

Without #Bookie, we never would have been able to play the Horseshoe. Nu Music Nights was everything for us starting off. Without Bookie, we never would have played @1021 The Edge Yonge Street studio. Without Bookie, we (The STEREOHOAX) never would have played Edgefest 2008. “Baby steps,” he wrote me in an email before letting us know about that gig. Have always remained grateful for that opportunity and appreciated what little time I got to share with him. Love & respect to the man, the myth, the Toronto Legend Mr. Dave Bookman. You will be missed, sir.

Bookie Edgefest 2009

Will never forget the day he played I Bang on the air. Ha. What a Legend.

Photo was taken at Edgefest 2009