PSA Illustrations 2009

Superfun keep your password secure when logging in – do not share, beware of viruses, do not accept & or forward inappropriate emails & access downloads responsibly PSA illustrations for CitiPower & Powercor Australia 2009.

Mixing AI linework, texture/colour fills & original pencil line in Photoshop.

“This will be a quirky, clever and witty cartoon campaign placed in high-traffic employee areas to achieve cut-through from other business communication and to put IT security top of mind for all employees when logging in.

In order to gain traction this campaign will artistically ‘make light of a serious issue’ by depicting each of the four principals as a horrible, mean monster with a Latin name and bulletin points of what damage this principal ‘monster’ can do, with the call to action urging employees to beware and look out for these ghastly characters”

Special thanks to my pal Ryan Auger for the gig.