Rango Tribute Mashup

RANGO had a lasting impression on me. Something about the cultural humour, relatable throwbacks & heart of this film struck a chord. Directed & written by Gore Verbinski , John Logan & JamesWardByrkit released March 4th, 2011. A seriously stellar cast with Johhny Depp, Isla Fisher & Timothy Olyphant doing his best Eastwood as Spirit of The West.

Character/Concept designers James Martin, Christian Alzmann, John Rivoli, Jim Byrdcat, Devon Cutler, Mark (Crash) McCreery, Sidney DeSeve, James Carson, Eugene Yelchin & countless digital artists/storyboardists/animators created a realistic family-friendly adventure that 10 years later, is still one of the best CG animated films ever made. Add a killer Score/Soundtrack by Hans Zimmer featuring Los Lobos there’s no wonder why this film won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature 2012.

Once I saw the connection between Rango & The Mandalorian & Spaghetti Western Poster vibe – this manifested itself. Rangofett is a Pencil Line drawing scanned & cleaned up in Photoshop with digital background & hand traced Logo. The Eyes were also Photoshopped design.

Hope you enjoy this Halloween Mashup Tribute.