Motion Lyric Video for Billy Talent

The band asked me to help out with their Pezz Watoosh LP artwork & Lyric videos. It was time-consuming – cleaning up the comic, filling in the blanks, drawing out the frames, cutting out (digitally) & then layering but once the process was completed it made moving arms & backgrounds relatively easy.

Our timeline was short due to the LP spillover & missed a couple of panels on one page but the end result was cool. Had a blast reliving something I made for the band 25+ years ago. Never would have imagined that they’d be releasing this to the masses one day. I believe we only made about 100 back in 1999.

Always grateful to work for the BT gang. It’s amazing that they’re finally releasing a monumental album & to be a part of it was such an honour.

Special shout out to True Grit Supply & their Rusty Nib brushes – Used the Micro Nib to clean up everything & has become my new favourite brush

Cleaned up in Photoshop. Logos designed in Illustrator. Animation in After Effects. Final edit in Premiere Pro.

Pezz logo designed by Ian D’Sa