The Pezz comic was originally made late 1999 to sort of accompany BT’s (Pezz) Watoosh album. It was a comic book/animated video idea that was inspired by their lead track M & M. It’s meant to be read while listening along to the tune. This was not commissioned by the band, I was just a big fan who wanted to help the cause in my own way.

In 2001, to go with the new name change, I was asked to swap out logos for a very short run that was included in their press packages.

Its been cleaned up and you can download the original comic, buy the album and read the bio I wrote about my awesome friends right here – PEZZ

Special thanks to John Kennedy and Mike Roberts for helping out with both covers (Mike Penciled and Coloured the BT version) and of course the Billy Talent boys for inspiring me all these years and still letting me backstage to be part of the gang. It’s been 15 years since BT 1 but almost 25 years since they first started. Proud as all hell to have witnessed their rise to fame.