European Beatsteaks run 2005 Merch/Photographer/Videographer

These are scans of the printed photos from 2005 on my 1st European tour with BT. The Beatsteaks run! A bunch of headliners.

I never imagined I’d be able to see Europe let alone make a living traveling along with my pals. Grateful & Proud. Things were happening & the crowds were really digging The Black T-Shirt Gang live. I recall hearing “They’ll never play here again” after saying good night to the staff.  See you on the next run. “No. No, you won’t.” They were too big for this space in Stuttgart. I climbed over the bar to get to the stage at one point. Some of those packed rectangle shows were dodgy but didn’t effect the machine in the slightest.

This was my first time in Europe. It was a crazy experience. Seeing the Beatsteaks live every night changed my life. They’re the Rolling stones of Germany. SO much fun. Got robbed – made out with a dreaded redhead in a bathroom stall. It was a blast.

I cried in the Kölner Dom – Cologne Cathedral