#ReCasted illustration 2023

Have been working on this image since the pandemic. While revisiting Seinfeld on Netflix, S7E13: The Seven, Newman acting as an impartial judge – I made the connection & started sketching. Borrowed a great Seinfeld promo photo & retrofitted the Mandalorian cast over top. Fashioned Baby Newman’s crib to match his classic 80s chair from that season.

I LOL’d a bunch of times making this realizing how dumb it is. One of my favourite mashups to date. I am STOKED to watch S03 of Mando – it’s such a fun show. Sorry to anyone who I may have offended by making this.

Seinfeld cast photo reference by Andrew Eccles //NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

FANTASTIC coincidence: Mr. Eccles also took the promo photos for The Mandalorian S01!

Digital Illustration by Bowman 2023. Photoshop & Illustrator. Motion: AfterEffects

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