Animated Lyric Video for BILLY TALENT

I had a ton of fun creating this “Lyric” video for one of my favourite Crisis Of Faith songs Hanging Out With All The Wrong People.

We follow the rise of a Grifter throughout his career flirting with petty crime to the ultimate big boss Politician villain.

Thanks to the band for helping me fill the gaps. It was great to hang out at #BTHQ for an afternoon & I even got to preview their new set. So many hits.

Got to stretch the old animation legs & learned a bunch of new tricks in #AfterEffects. Great experience. Looking forward to incorporating more motion into the mix. I’ve been an animator that doesn’t animate for too long!

Honoured for the opportunity to make something cool for the Black T-Shirt Band.


Homemade by BOWMAN

Directed, Designed, Animated, Filmed & Edited by Bowman 2022

© MMXXII Dudebox Records All rights reserved ❤️

Made a quick BTS process clip.