Graphics for Joel Parisien 2020

Was asked a while back to design something Blade Runner-esque for Joel Parisien’s Soul Standard label. This project was super fun. Did a bunch of design work trying to figure out what this Tokyo-esque entrance & cityscape would look like.  Using Photoshop for the perspective grid & texturing the buildings were designed in Illustrator. Was going for a foggy night in a future fantasy world. Dub Reggae styles. Dig.

Listen to it HERE

Originally we went with a vibrant neon look. Pushing the primary colours. Was originally supposed to be a retro comic book cover. When it came time to flatten the final image for sharing, I simply tried out a black & white version with the DJ Soul left coloured. Added so much more to his silhouette. Ended up adding blues & more atmosphere to punch the Green and reds.