Graphics & Logos

Upon hearing the demo version of Kingdom of Zod at BTHQ, I went home and sketched up the red tie Z button idea. I simply found a picture of Rob Ford and copied his stance and attire. Showed the band my rough idea thinking they’d be able to hand it off to someone in their graphics department to finish. From there I ended up being hired to create graphics for both of their Greatest Hit singles Kingdom of Zod and Chasing The Sun for Warner Music Canada.

Then it turned into helping out with the Technical Difficulties animated screen design, a  Ztv overlay graphic, a Z logo for the Zod soldiers and also a drum skin for Aaron’s kit. One of my favourite projects to date for various reasons. Couldn’t have asked for better rock star friends.

Kingdom of Zod

These photos were taken on the set of the Kingdom of ZOD video shoot in Toronto October 2014. Some of my graphics were incorporated into this great flick. Directed by Sean Micheal Turrell

Unfortunately, Billy Talent’s  Chasing the Sun single is about how we lost a good friend earlier that year. I drew Trevor’s face for a golf tournament silent auction held earlier that summer. RIP old friend.

Chasing the Sun