This particular painting is something special. It’s a commission from an old college friend and a different take on one of my earlier Boba Fett Piggy Backs. This time around the clients asked for a Samurai Boba and a Geisha Twi’lek version and wanted to incorporate their actual wedding gown and groom’s shirt into the piece as fabric fills. I received a package in the mail sometime later and sure enough there I was cutting up and gluing together their special day fabrics and building this for them. Extra special thanks to Wil and Jess for posing for me on this one. I personally flew this to Montreal and the overwhelming response I received was amazing.

18.5 x 34.5 inches – Window and frame original hand made glass from Maryvale Convent in Glen Nevis Ontario est 1913.

Acrylic on glass painting by Bowman 2012