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Web of Spiderman Commission

It’s always nice to meet new clients that are referred to from a friend but sometimes you do jobs just to see the look on kid’s faces. Wasn’t expecting and certainly wasn’t dressed for a photo opt with the young Spidey fan but sometimes you just have to go with the flow for the greater good. The anatomy is all wrong but I still dig this quick illustration.

Illustration by Bowman 2013

SAY YES – A Refreshing New Sound From B Town

SAY YES – If I had to describe their sound I would say they’re a perfect blend of Queens of the Stone Age meets the Muse (old Muse) with a little bit of drunken violent yet desperate clinging to life Hawksley Workman – but in a good way, though. Featuring Jordan Hastings (Alexisonfire, Jersey) on drums, Adam Michael (St. Alvia, TNBT) on guitar and vocals and Michael Zane (The Exhile) on bass and vocals – these boys are a force to be reckoned with.

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10 years after the released their self titled debut, Billy Talent played BT 1 in its entirety in front of their loyal and more-than- enthusiastic hometown fans. This past weekend the Sound Academy was packed to the side bars – very reminiscent of some of the early European rectangular venues Billy Talent eventually graduated from after their 2003 BT 1 record came out.

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Gallery: Billy Talent ACC, Toronto 2013

On their recent cross Canada Tour earlier this year – with Sum 41, Hollerado and Indian Handcrafts, Billy Talent stopped into their hometown and rocked the roof off the ACC. Been friends with these kids from before the start of their careers so whenever I get a chance to see them I usually get to take photos and run around backstage.

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