No Comments Day 2020

This crisis is a pure example of what humans can achieve when facing a real time threat. What if for one day, instead of starting arguments to state your facts & getting that ultimate come back or last word, we all just stay away from public forums & avoid all comments and save some energy for once. Imagine for just one day all the “trolls” and “Look How Woke I Am’s” took a break from saying anything online. Imagine.

Media outlets post clickbait to drive numbers in hopes that one day you’ll pay to have access to their biased information. Look at this. Buy this. Remember this? It’s your Friendiversary. Notifications. News feed. Group post. People you may know. Stay on the net. Be engaged. Like and subscribe. Facebook owns Instagram and SnapChat. How many more billions can they siphon from the system they built & made us dependent on before people start getting wise? How much is a billion dollars? How much is enough?

I’m going to start practising more social media distancing.

Today is just as good of a day to start. March 19th the First day of Spring. If enough people care & share maybe we can make this an annual event. An international disengaging decompression day. Try Ignoring and refrain from commenting anywhere comments are allowed online. Instead, text a friend. Call your parents. Social isolation is tough for the uninitiated. Be kind and remember we’re all in this together.

Imagine there were no comments.
I wonder if you can.
No outlets for trolls to troll on
And no bigoted alternative fact based spam.


Imagine all the people forced to have civilized conversations in real life.


You, you may say that I’m a dreamer
For wanting some fucking calm
I hope some day we can do it
And the world could be a tad easier to live in.




Free speech doesn’t mean you get to be an asshole on Facebook, Karen.