Dear Prime Minister

Dear Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

The Death Knell is ringing for the oil extraction industry here in Canada. The #KeystoneXL cancellation is the latest most relevant example.

This is a massive opportunity, for you, to finally embrace, fund & encourage the growth of the inevitable renewable energy industry. It’s an opportunity to retrain all of those highly qualified unemployed under-appreciated oil workers into Solar/Wind/Thermal projects. We know you have seen the data on how it is no longer feasible to continue this devastating practice. The overwhelming scientific evidence shows that to live a sustainable life – Renewables are the future.

Alberta doesn’t run Canada. You do.

Please stop giving these corporations & crooked politicians more tax incentives to exploit & pollute, without our consent. That welfare money that the extraction industry thrives on can be redirected into our infrastructure, updating our power grid, reinvesting in our scientific community, education, combating disinformation & helping secure a healthy ecosystem for generations.

Take a stand to the abandoning oil giants & lobbyists that scarred the landscape. Make the switch. Stop defending a dying industry & please make it clear to your citizens that your hands are tied from the Harper regime. You inherited FIPA. Your carbon tax is a great start but it’s not enough.

We should be world leaders in clean energy.

Convincing the Conservatives that there is plenty if not more money to be made in the green should be self-evident. Understanding that your family has made its money in this once prosperous industry – knowing the volatile market values alone – should be enough to warrant a change. You owe it to your kids & countless generations to come to put your faith & resources into this now thriving industry. Exporting our Carbon capturing technology is just one example.

I did not vote for you or your party but am glad you were at the helm during this pandemic. As an iconic leader & empathetic representative of this nation, you still have time to cement your legacy & renew Canada’s reputation worldwide. Your father wanted to unify Canada during turbulent times. He revolutionized this country’s healthcare system & took on separatist extremists. This is your chance to step out of his shadow and forge a new path for Canada. I will vote for someone who takes that leap.

Justin Trudeau at a Tragically Hip concert

Do it for Gord