Conservatism has no place in today’s society.



  1. commitment to traditional values and ideas with opposition to change or innovation.
    “proponents of theological conservatism”
  2. the holding of political views that favour free enterprise, private ownership, and socially conservative ideas.
    “a party that espoused conservatism”


Last night’s election was alarming, to say the least. I’m glad we narrowly avoided a populist government majority but seeing the popular vote going to the Right is something we all should be concerned about. That includes all you want to be fiscal bible-thumping conservatives out there.

Seeing a wave of blue in the surrounding area outside of our city is nothing out of the norm. The further you stretch outside of a major city the bluer its motives and opinions turn. I’m amazed at how anyone can call themselves a conservative and continue to support this present-day incarnation of the PC party with all it’s well known and public bigoted rhetoric in some of their candidates. From spreading of misinformation and blatant lies to scapegoat migrants and the lower class to running kamikaze candidates just to funnel conservative votes, this election showed it’s true divide of the haves, the want to be’s and the have nots. We are more polarized than ever and that is something that we all should be concerned about. East to West. North to South. Including the missing 10 million registered voters this year.


Let’s get this out there – The concept of one being better than the other because of where they are from or how much money they have needs to die if we ever want to make any real progress in this world. Everybody is fucked. Everybody has their own internal struggles. Your reliance on ignorance and regurgitating rhetoric talking points does not outweigh my way of life. You are not better than me and I am not better than you. We can compare pain and stress levels all day but where is that going to get us in the end?

Alberta’s election was a pure out of spite dick move result. Meant to remind Canada that we need them more than they us. It shows an obvious short-sightedness not to embrace the prosperous future for all – in our looming renewable energy production economy. The rest of Canada hasn’t abandoned you. Your employers have. Technology has. Corporations have. We aren’t to blame for wanting to break the proven system of corruption and greed with hopes of optimism and prosperity. That doesn’t make me better than you, it makes me informed. It makes me compassionate and empathetic to your plight if anything. Taking a step back from my high horse here in Ontario, I can see your red flags flying. You can vote in more slimy salesmen and deny all the science you want but that won’t change the continuing crisis, that we’re all facing.


Business, as usual, can not continue in today’s climate.


According to a recent Allied Market Research report, ” The renewable energy market accounted for revenue of 980 billion in 2017 and is anticipated to generate 1,512.3 BILLION by 2025.” How can you justify destroying 3 barrels of freshwater to generate 1 barrel of crude? How can you justify this as a sustainable business model? How is this fiscal responsibility?

“The US green economy is estimated to represent $1.3 trillion in annual sales revenue and to employ nearly 9.5 million workers” Palgrave Communications October 2019.

The New Climate (Low Carbon) Economy is happening. “While recognizing the shortcomings of current economic models, the analysis produced for this report found that bold action could yield a direct economic gain of US$26 trillion through to 2030 compared with business-as-usual. And this is likely to be a conservative estimate.”

Solar and Wind are growing. “Nearly 335,000 (USA) people work in the solar industry and more than 111,000 work in the wind industry, compared to 211,000 working in coal mining or other fossil fuel extraction.” Forbes

“The solar industry employs more people than the whole of the coal industry. Even when you add in jobs associated with coal-fired power plants, coal gets handily beaten by solar all by itself. Coal overall accounted for some 160,000 jobs.* The solar power industry, meanwhile, helped create 374,000 jobs in the US, with most of those people—261,000—working on solar at least half time.” Oct 2019.

The reluctance to embrace and recognize the amounts of money that can be made and saved in Renewable Energy management, in this country, astounds me. In fact, it engages me. There are millions of misguided well-intentioned workers out there just wanting the same things as the rest of us. Why are none of your leaders acting in good faith and seeing these profitable venues? Why are we still giving fossil fuel companies subsidies? How is that a thing? We’re basically paying them to pollute, plunder and export our resources. Why can’t we put that tax money to better use? Why can’t we let them fail? Why are we allowing them to continue business as usual? When did corporations start calling the shots and how much longer will these people be allowed to run this country into the ground and blame the other side with misinformation campaigns?


The Hypernormalisation of Canada is complete.

Distract. Divide. Destroy. Repeat.

Here in Ontario our Ford Government decided to cancel all proposed green projects and spent millions of our tax dollars fighting the federal government over Carbon Taxes while funding a Fox News style misinformation channel. How is that possible? This Trump lite politician won his own leadership by a percentage point! Like 1. 50.62 to 49.38 (2018 PC Party of Ontario leadership election results) with more than 71,000 of the 190,000 registered members voting. This form of representation needs to change. When did the equivalent of the Tea Party take over the PC party in Canada? When did the Right Wing American Evangelicals start influencing our politics? Too many questions. Too many distractions.



noun: pop·u·lism

a political influenced/big business fuelled distraction meant to divide and put off dealing with Global Warming.

“the powers that be realized that by forcing another 1980s retrospection was a great way to continue to blame immigrants and eco-activists for their decades of consistent abuse and hoarding.”

”while the minions are distracted with each other’s ideological views on what is still accepted in today’s society,

“we’re using this Populism wave to rape and pillage while we still can”

We all eat, sleep, love and want to keep our families healthy and safe. Not just today but for years to come. How do you expect people who hoard resources and wealth while blaming the unfortunate and using austerity measures are capable of providing proper strategies to instill a livable future? When all they care about is their bottom line. When all they care about is spreading lies, information and setting up distraction grenades while they continue to pillage.


American style Populism has no place in Canada.

Take a Stand. Don’t get distracted. Be nice. We’re all in this together.

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