Authentically Vintage.

Everything you see here is authentic and has been collected since day one

The BIG 3

$650 SOLD

You can’t talk about the #MississaugaMusicScene without mentioning these 3 bands.

Pezz (The Other One), Soluble Fish & Tunghunny.

The Big 3 started a music scene in Mississauga Ontario back in the early 90s.

One was funky. One was Rap Rock Heavy and the Fish were way out there, for the times.

  • Pezz’s DemoLuca 1994 Crunchy Frog cassette.
  • Soluble Fish 1st edition Nugget Sauces Blue 1994 Crunchy Frogs cassette tape
  • Tunghunny (unopened) Hedonist Anthems 1993 cassette.
  • Original Hand drawn Stardust poster featuring The Other One, Tunghunny & Soluble Fish.
  • Various fliers designed by Ian D’Sa and Bowman.
  • Super cool collaboration on a Jingle Bell Rock handmade poster with Dsauce. Before landing on Pezz, they did a short run going under the name –  The Other One.  Not a lot of people know that Ian is an amazing illustrator.
  • Show posters featuring Gone To Delphi with Aarons Brother, Trevor Solowoniuk and To Each His Own guitarist Kevin Gormley.
  • Indy X poster from Mississauga City Centre Amphitheatre. First Soluble Fish live performance. I saw Pearl Jam earlier that summer and almost died climbing the walls. Crazy days.
  • Digital Screensavers
  • Frame not included


$500 SOLD

  • Pezz’s Dudebox 1995/1996 Crunchy Frog Yellow Cassette Tape. Unfortunately, I don’t have the original 1 page insert. This one comes with a super funny Soluble Fish layout. That one was just a test. Ha. Still funny.
  • Soluble Fish’s Nugget Sauces (2nd Edition) 1995 Crunchy Frog Pink Cassette tape
  • Digital download of Nugget Sauces 2004 re master
  • Pezz’s August 1996 Biography
  • Various fliers by Ian Dsa and Bowman
  • Digital screensavers



  • Soluble Fish Nugget Sauces (1st edition) Blue 1994 Crunchy Frog cassette
  • Digital download of Nugget Sauces 2004 re master
  • Original Pen & Paint Harold Logo on Acitate design.
  • Original Pen & Paint Rage Against The Fish Acitate. This was used directly for our short run of T Shirts.
  • Original Colour Me Harold (Colouring contest) 2 page layout.
  • Hand written School Days lyric by Christian Kennerney & Bowman.
  • Various posters by Ian Dsa, Bob Spizzirri and Bowman
  • Digital Screensavers
  • Frame not included

ROLLER GIRL T Shirt Design


  • Includes Original (8.5 x 11) pen & paint Acitate used for BT’s Roller Girl T Shirt design.
  • The only Digital Print out of my Feb 2nd (2002) Lees Palace Toronto design printout for copies. Digital file – I have no idea where it is or if it survived the fire of ol’ 2007. Anyways since I printed it at Ben’s on Trevor’s printer. Made a bunch of posters put them up and then left for Australia.  The Lees Palace poster made it into a film shot at Fox studios, Sydney Australia
  • Also includes 3 Vinyl round BT stickers from Edgefest and 2 BT Nashville Logo stickers
  • Frame not included.



  • Original hand drawn pencil (8×10) Anaheim Girl design.
  • The original layout for poster design which was used for making all of the copies.
  • Sum41, Simple Plan, MXPX, Sugar Cult and Billy Talent tour laminate and ticket stub.
  • Kelly Osbourne’s Merch Buy BT Stuff or Die!!! sign.
  • Digital Screensavers

BT I Pack 01

$250 SOLD

  • Billy Talent Album 1 LP never played. Opened.
  • Billy Talent Try Honesty 45 RPM picture disc, signed; side A – Try Honesty – side B – When I was a Little Girl
  • Billy Talent 4 song demo CD: Try Honesty, Prisoners of Today, Voices of Violence, Living in the Shadows.
  • The Ex 2 song promo CD: The Ex & Waiting Room
  • Billy Talent Try Honesty Promo CD: Radio Edit & Album Version
  • Billy Talent 2 song promo CD: Try Honesty & Living in the Shadows.
  • Signed BT The EX promo.
  • Various tickets, stickers (theirs & bands they played with), magazines and 2004 “Thats Unbelievable” tour laminates.
  • Square BTI Button
  • Dustin Rabin photo sheet.
  • Proceeds to FUMS

BT I Pack 02


  • 1 unsigned Try Honesty 45 picture disc: Try Honesty & When I Was A Little Girl
  • The Ex 45 picture disc: The Ex & Try Honesty
  • The EX 2 song promo CD – The Ex & Waiting Room
  • Try Honesty 2 song EP – Radio Edit & Album Version
  • Various tickets, stickers (theirs & bands they played with), magazines and 2004 “Thats Unbelievable” tour laminates
  • Dustin Rabin photo sheet.
  • Proceeds to FUMS

Special thanks to Warner Music Canada, Warner Music Germany, to all the Steve’s, Kelly’s and Kane’s for contributing the rarities and promos that I have collected over the years.